West Texas Wine

Dave Insley

Recorded in Austin, and featuring Dave’s road band, “the Careless Smokers,” the third release from Dave Insley is an upbeat collection of new originals and classic-but-obscure covers, all staples of the Smokers’ live show. From the opening rock rhythms of “Beatin’ Ya Down,” through the pedal steel-drenched closer, Conway Twitty’s “Don’t Take It Away,” Dave and his band sparkle and shine on this meaty variety of new songs. The title track “West Texas Wine” sets historical anecdote, ghost story and personal experience to a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, while acoustic guitar & piano fill out “Geneva’s Gonna Leave Ya,” a tender homage to Dave’s mom, and growing up on the farm. Party-time covers of Johnny Darrell’s “Come See What’s Left Of Your Man” and Fuzzy Owens’ “Ol’ What’s Her Name,” fit alongside Insley’s ultra-country “Everything’s Broken” and the truck driving ballad “Exit 93.” Dave and his Careless Smokers have spent the last couple years on the road, honing their unique blend of Honky-tonk, Tex-Mex and Arizona Hillbilly music, and the resulting album is Dave’s best yet!